Single-action 22cc Siphon-feed Airbrush Set – 0.8mm Nozzle Big SALE

Title : Single-action 22cc Siphon-feed Airbrush Set – 0.8mm Nozzle
Description : The PZ-276, single-action (pressing the trigger releases both air & fluid) airbrush set from PointZero Airbrush. Comfortable composite handle. External-mix design; the spraying medium is atomized outside of the tip, making this airbrush less prone to clogging, even when spraying highly viscous materials. Easy to adjust; simply twist the pre-installed, 0.8mm nozzle to increase or decrease the material flow. Especially suited for large areas or broad spray patterns between 1/4″ and 2″. Boxed set includes two 22cc glass bottles (one siphon-feed cover and one closed cover), a paint pipette and instruction sheet. Requires an air supply with a working pressure of 15 to 50 psi. For use without a compressor, a propellant-can regulator and a 5′ hose are provided, both with M5 fittings to fit the M5 air inlet of the airbrush (propellant not included). An adapter for use with 1/4″ air sources (1/4″ BSP female to M5 male) is also included, as is an adapter to convert the airbrush’s air inlet to a 1/8″ BSP male for use with our braided or coiled air hoses.

Single-action 22cc Siphon-feed Airbrush Set - 0.8mm Nozzle
List Price : $11.88
Price : $11.88

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: PointZero Airbrush
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Rating : 3.2
Rating : 11
Review : …for the price
This unit works very well. The design is superior to my $70 Badger 350, which it replaced.
It has an easily-removable clip rather than a retaining nut that locks in the squared edge of the bottle receiver. This unit is not suited to spraying full-strength or even 1:1 lacquer/thinner, you will have to thin it 2L:(3+)T if you want to spray lacquer or (3#)shellac. The kit came with a mini feed attachment that worked with the quick-disconnect hose that came with my husky compressor (without using a special adapter).Thanks China! …now what can I do about that dirty feeling I get every time I think about benefiting from the slave labor that likely produced this item?

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