Pro Airbrush Cleaning Pot Wash Station with Holder Big Discount

Title : Pro Airbrush Cleaning Pot Wash Station with Holder
Description : The CP-PRO from PointZero is a combination airbrush holder and cleaning pot. Provides a convenient place to flush your airbrush during cleaning or a color change, eliminating overspray and mess in your work area. Features a super-heavy, durable glass jar with integrated airbrush holder and carrying handle. Handle doubles as an anti-tip device, preventing the weight of an airbrush and hose from tipping over the pot. Easy-to-use; simply fill the glass jar 1/4 full with water or other suitable solvent and close the cover. Add solvent to your airbrush’s color cup and spray through the rubber port in the cover, flushing the old medium from the brush and into the pot. The rubber port and a curved shield built into the cover prevent any backsplash. The cover also features a vent with a washable, replaceable filter which allows air to escape, but blocks overspray and fumes. Includes cleaning pot with handle, cover and airbrush holder, plus a spare filter and a plastic storage container with lid. Jar dimensions: 3.75″ diameter, 5″ tall (to top of airbrush holder).

Pro Airbrush Cleaning Pot Wash Station with Holder
List Price : $18.99
Price : $18.99

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: PointZero Airbrush
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Rating : 4.0
Rating : 3
Review : Well Made
I’m teaching myself how to use an airbrush and checked out several YouTube videos that contributors posted in what worked for them. One suggested getting a cleaning pot to clean your brushes and it made sense. What didn’t make sense was the price but if you need it, you need it, right!? I got this cleaning pot about two weeks after ordering it and was surprised at its weight. The pot itself I thought was plastic but its thick glass. Now I see why its priced the way it is because its built to last which we all know that these days few things are. This product is well made and should last the life of my hobby.

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