Paasche Quick Application Airbrush Tanning Kit Big SALE

Title : Paasche Quick Application Airbrush Tanning Kit
ASIN : B003K89C9Y
Description : This system includes our Quick Application Tanning spray gun for quicker coverage. The Tanning Gun gives a 4-5-inch spray pattern which can cut your application time to under 5 minutes. This kit comes complete with spray gun, pressure cup, 10-foot hose, D200R compressor with regulator and a 32-ounce 10-percent DHA Leisure Tan.
Features :

  • Includes enough solution for 10-11 applications
  • Applies solution in 5-minute or less
  • Just spray hot water for cleaning
  • Perfect for high volume salons

Paasche Quick Application Airbrush Tanning Kit
List Price : $355.00
Price : $279.93
Saved Price : $75.07

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: Paasche Airbrush
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Rating : 5.0
Rating : 1
Review : Paasche tanning system
I deceided to get my wife a tanning system for Christmas. I did this due to the cost of saloon tanning and figured I could do it myself to save a couple of bucks. As I started my research I realized that reviews were very hard to find if you could find them at all. I have no history of spray tanning and got frustrated quickly about the lack of reviews.

After about 5 tans now this is what I have learned.

The system as it is sold works quite well in my opinion. It is well built and has a professional feel to it. I still feel that I am adjusting it to obtain the correct liquid flow but the results are good. There is not much in regards to instructions that comes with this so for the most part my training has been through you tube or tanning forums.

I have questions in regards to the tanning solution that it comes with if it’s the best one out there. It goes on well but does not seem to fade evenly. This may be my application but I plan on buying…

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