Paasche H Model Airbrush Travel Kit On Sale

Title : Paasche H Model Airbrush Travel Kit
ASIN : B001C4Q1O2
Description : Paasche H Travel Set…The most popular airbrush in the world! A very simple single-action external mix airbrush. Single action means that the top button only moves up and down controling the flow of air. To adjust the needle opening the operator manually adjusts the opening by turning the front cone-shaped needle. This is a very simply airbrush to learn operate clean and replace parts. Dependable and practical easy to master it is simple to operate requiring the least amount of maintenance. This set contains all three tips needles and aircaps metal color cup 1oz and 3oz bottle assmeblies 6ft fose extra storage bottle wrenches hanger and instructions. It also has a can of compressed air and a nozel for attaching your airbrush hose to the can of air; so that you can use it “on the go!”

Paasche H Model Airbrush Travel Kit
List Price : $75.00
Price : $59.99
Saved Price : $15.01

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: Paasche
Item Page Detail URL : link

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