Imaginarium Airbrush Tattoo Craft Art Set Get Rabate

Title : Imaginarium Airbrush Tattoo Craft Art Set
Description : The Imaginarium Airbrush Tattoo Kit, is easy to apply and a fun way for children to express their individuality. Kids create their own tattoos out of stencils on the work station, then use the airbrush sprayer to apply their creations. And when the time comes to remove the tattoos, they wash off with simple soap and water.
Features :

  • 1 airbrush sprayer and work station
  • 10 multi colored markers
  • 27 tattoo sticker stencils
  • 6 plastic stencils for paper art
  • 10 pieces of paper

Imaginarium Airbrush Tattoo Craft Art Set
List Price : $10.00
Price : $10.00

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: imaginarium
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 1.0
Rating : 2
Review : This thing is horrible!
This thing is horrible. I restate that to stress it! You put the marker inside the airbrush gun and turn it on. it blows marker EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE! all over the table all over my hand holding the gun all over any surface nearby all over my daughter, everywhere. it doesnt spray fine at all, meaning it covers a large surface area so detailed painting is impossible. it made a huge mess in seconds. didnt work at all.

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