Complete Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Set – 3 Color 20 Stencil Kit Promo Offer

Title : Complete Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Set – 3 Color 20 Stencil Kit
Description : This complete starter kit includes everything needed to make professional temporary tattoos. The package features a PointZero Elite-75E air compressor and PZ-276 airbrush. The unique, elephant-shape design compressor is compact and powerful (1/8 horsepower) and delivers approximately 48 psi of air pressure (0.55 CFM). The elephant’s trunk contains the air outlet fitting, and the tail holds an airbrush in an integrated holder. An easy-carry handle is built into the back. The oil-less design makes this compressor suitable for food decorating and body/nail art and all other standard airbrushing applications. The PZ-276, single-action (pressing the trigger releases both air & fluid) airbrush set from PointZero Airbrush. Comfortable composite handle. External-mix design; the spraying medium is atomized outside of the tip, making this airbrush less prone to clogging, even when spraying highly viscous materials. Easy to adjust; simply twist the pre-installed, 0.8mm nozzle to increase or decrease the material flow. Especially suited for large areas or broad spray patterns between 1/4″ and 2″. Also included is a book containing five 8.25″ x 11.25″ pages, each with 4 designs, for a total of 20 different individual patterns. Yellow, Red and Blue airbrush paint set. Water-resistant and non-toxic colors are ready-to-use right out of the bottle and safe for use on the skin (not for use near eyes or face). Depending on the skin’s moisture and oil content, this paint can last up to 10 days (remove anytime with baby oil or isopropyl alcohol). Each bottle contains 1 ounce (30ml) of paint. A 10′ braided air hose and set of five cleaning brushes complete the package.

Complete Temporary Tattoo Airbrush Set - 3 Color 20 Stencil Kit

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: PointZero Airbrush
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Rating : 1.5
Rating : 2
Review : Should be cheaper
The hose doesn’t fit and the airbrush doesn’t even spray. The only way the airbrush works is if you spray the gun for a while and spray it at a certain angle. The more you turn it the more it’s supposed to spray but in order for it to work, even just a little bit, you have to turn it all the way up and constantly keep messing with it. This kit should sell for $30 bucks, that is, for just the compressor, the paint, and the stencils.

I gave this item 2 stars for at least supplying me with 2 items that I’m actually using…the compressor and the stencils. I hardly use the paint because everybody just likes black in my shop. As for the airbrush, that worthless fan only lasted me 1 week.

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