ColorArtz Airbrush Starter Kit Discount !!

Title : ColorArtz Airbrush Starter Kit
Description : ColorArtz Airbrushes and Starter Kits are an easy to use airbrush system for your fabric and craft projects. Whether you want to personalize bags, clothing or shoes or accent your home decor (lamps, pillows, towels, etc.) the ColorArtz airbrush system ensures success.
Features :

  • Layer multiple colors or spray stencils in seconds
  • More control and less overspray than aerosol cans
  • Create narrow or broad lines
  • Spray a smooth solid coat or light mist of color
  • Quick and easy paint pouch change

ColorArtz Airbrush Starter Kit
List Price : $29.99
Price : $26.00
Saved Price : $3.99

Category: Airbrush Materials
Brand: ColorArtz
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 3.0
Rating : 2
Review : Poor quality item and accessories
I bought this thinking it might be fun to explore airbrushing. I spent time in the store comparing it to the more professional airbrush kits. This was on sale and had quick-change paint colors so I chose ColorArtz.

First, let me say that this is NOT a toy. It is colorful and plastic and looks like a toy, but it is not a toy. You need a lot of ventilation because there is a very strong chemical smell from the propellant in the air canister. You also need to wear a mask.

I made a couple of shirts, but I was always a little annoyed by the splotchy flow to the paint. It seemed to come out very uneven. It never seemed to want to flow up the tube in the paint bag in a consistent manner. If I tried to apply a little pressure to the bag to keep it flowing up the tube, the paint would squeeze out of the baggy onto my fingers or it would make splotches on the fabric. If I didn’t apply pressure, nothing would come out. I associated all that with not being experienced with…

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