Airbrush Air Compressor Ink Kit Body Makeup Tattoo Dual Action Spray Big SALE

Title : Airbrush Air Compressor Ink Kit Body Makeup Tattoo Dual Action Spray
Description : – Professional Dual-Action Airbrush Kit with Air Compressor & Tattoo Ink!
Perfect for your excellent spray painting art! It’s good for beautifying our life!

– This brand new high-quality airbrushing kit is perfect for commercial arts, illustration, photo retouching, temporary tattoos, cake decorating, crafts, hobbies and any other airbrushing items. Save much more time than handmade drawing and excellent for your spray painting business. One Air Filter and one Airbrush Holder can help you to make better spraying conveniently for Free Gift!

-Package Includes:

*1x Air Brush
*1x Air Compressor
*7x Airbrush Tattoo Inks
*1x Nozzle Wrench
*1x 2cc Eye Dropper
*1x Air Hose
*1x Air Brush Holder(free gift)
*1x Air Filter(free gift)
*1x AC Transformer
*1x Storage Case for Air Brush
*1x Instruction for Air Brush
*1x Instruction for Compressor

-Please kindly note that this auction includes ONE air brush only. With our high-quality airbrushing kit, you can create your excellent spray painting production!
Features :

  • -Airbrush Tattoo Ink: *FDA standard and SGS EN71 certificated. *Safe for body use. *Waterproof and non-toxic. *Avoid face and eye while airbrushing. *7 bottles of 10ml tattoo Inks in total. *One bottle of Finalized Ink. *Six bottles of Common Tattoo Ink for general painting: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, White. *(Tips: Please dilute the tattoo ink with alcohol before using, except for the finalized ink.)
  • – Air Brush: *Nozzle -0.3mm *Fluid Cup- 7cc *Air Brush Size- 5-5/8″ L x 1″ W x 3-1/4″ H *Nozzle Wrench -1-5/8″ L x 3/8″ W *Eye Dropper- 3″ L *Storage Case Size- 7-3/8″ L x 4-1/4″ W x 1-1/2″ H
  • – Air Compressor: *Power – AC100-240V, 50/60Hz (with US standard plug) *Working Pressure- 2-15 psi *Max. Pressure -25 psi *Air Flow – 10.5 liters per minute *Compressor Size – 4-1/8″ L x 2″ W x 4-1/4″ H *Power Cord- 6 Ft *Air Hose- 6 Ft with two 1/8″ connectors
  • -Dual-Action Air Brush: *0.3mm Nozzle. *Durable stainless steel. *7cc Gravity Feed Fluid Cup with lid for easy spraying fluid and easy cleaning. *Dual-action trigger Air/Fluid Control: Only Air Spray: Press the Air/Fluid Control Knob down vertically. (Perfect for blowing dry the spraying surface before and after spraying.) *Air and Fluid Spray: Press the Air/Fluid Control Knob down vertically and pull it back. *Air/Fluid Control Knob for controlling the air brush easily. *Can make thin line and soft gradual changing effect according to your spraying need. *Removable Needle and Nozzle Caps help you to spray the full range of spraying and stippling effect. *The Adjusting Screw in the back of the air brush for adjusting the spout size and spraying thickness. *Turn the adjusting screw deasil and make thin spraying line, turn withershins and get thick spraying line. *Built-in teflon O-ring for nozzle cap and better for corrosion resistance. *One 2cc Eye Dropper for dropping ink or other fluid easily. *Come with a small Nozzle Spanner for fetching out the nozzle of the air brush when you need. *Portable Storage Case for the storage of air brush, eye dropper and nozzle spanner. *Fit for Color Fluid: Watercolor Pigments, Inks and Dyes, Acrylics, Automotive Urethanes, Lacquers and Enamels. *Free Gift 1: 360 degree circumvolve air brush holder, for your convenient work. *Free Gift 2: One Air Filter can release moisture for safe using and help you to make better spraying.(Valued $11.90 at market price!)
  • -Air Compressor: *CE approved. *Gorgeous and attractive design. *High quality and high efficiency. *Light weight, low noise and oil free. *Working pressure adjustable. *Can start with pressure, and continuous work. *Much Safer! Built-in Hot Protection Device. *It will turn off automatically when the power over heat and reset after the motor cool down. *Automatic On/Off function for safe use. *Start at 15 psi and Stop at 25 psi. *Saving Electricity! The compressor will start working when the air brush spraying, and stop automatically when the air brush stop spraying. *One On/Off Switch for easy use. *The Power Light will turn red to green when the compressor start working. *Suitable for dia 0.2-0.5mm air brush, ideal for make up, cosmetic and so on. *Come with a UL listed AC Transformer. (No need battery) *One 6 Ft Air Hose with airproof rubber for connecting air compressor and air brush easily. *Please read the instruction manual before using.

Airbrush Air Compressor Ink Kit Body Makeup Tattoo Dual Action Spray Airbrush Air Compressor Ink Kit Body Makeup Tattoo Dual Action Spray
List Price : $92.19
Price : $92.19

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Brand: Kingos Shop
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